Cock sparrer live - back in san francisco 2009

I spoke to the very funny Kirsten Rosenberg from the Iron Maidens – the world’s only all-female Iron Maiden tribute band – the other day. She told me the band face problems their heavy metal heroes never encounter, the most unsettling one being drunken male fans who ask them to autograph their dicks. Kirsten, aka “Bruce Chickenson”, said: “We’ve all been asked to autograph guys’ most intimate areas. It’s happened at least thirty times. I told one guy, ‘My stage name is too long for that, but I can initial it’ which cooled his ardour a little.” She went on: “We’re not offended, we’re grateful for their attention and support. They’re usually drunk and proud, and alcohol inflates that sense of pride – but that’s all it inflates.” (I had a similar encounter in Torgau, Germany, a few years ago with a Spanish band, all male unfortunately, who dropped their strides and pants in my “honour”.) But flashing freaks are not the Maidens’ only worry. Kentucky-born Kirsten is a strict vegan and her insistence on wearing fake leather makes for some unusual on-stage moments. “Bruce is so athletic that when I copy his stage moves, the faux-leather has been known to rip on stage giving the crowd more than they’ve paid for!” she told me. “Once my butt was completely exposed and I had to walk off backwards so the stage manager could make me decent again with black duct tape.” Tragically this seminal rock ’n’ roll moment went un-filmed, but I’m sending her some stage clothes made of tissue paper as a precaution. The Iron Maidens are on tour in the UK this week. They play London’s O2 Academy Islington on Sunday.

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Neue (und ältere) Musik, Buchbesprechungen, Hinweise auf Ausstellungen und Konzerte, erfüllte Hörerwünsche…hier kriegste was geboten!

The Annual Terence Hayes award for Gonads Fan of the Year: Ronnie who flew from Seattle to Vegas to see us. Runners-up: Rudi Guerre, who journeyed from Oop North to Montpellier for This Is England, and Laura The Explorer, who drove down from Rotterdam.

1. THE CURE – happy birthday
2. THE ADVERTS – bored teenagers
3. MÜHLHEIM ASOZIAL – der Skandinave
4. BIRTHDAY PARTY – happy birthday
5. TRICK 17 – wenn die Russen kommen
6. REAGAN YOUTH – degenerated
7. ASTA KASK – lägg av!
8. THE PARTISANS – 17 years of hell
9. EXPERIMENTAL PRODUCTS – feeling left out
10. METAL BOYS – colt 45
11. THE ADOLECENTS – amoeba
12. STALAG 17 – bologna reprime
13. CONFLICT – the serenade is dead
15. YOUTH OF TODAY – breakdown the wall
16. DAF – verschwende deine Jugend
17. THE CURE – 17 seconds

Cock Sparrer Live - Back In San Francisco 2009Cock Sparrer Live - Back In San Francisco 2009Cock Sparrer Live - Back In San Francisco 2009Cock Sparrer Live - Back In San Francisco 2009